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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

HalfPriceMotelRooms.com is proud of our easy to use web site and our service.   Below is an assortment of questions we hope will make your online half price purchases fast and efficient.   The questions and answers below are displayed to give you a complete picture of our services and exactly the fabulous discounts that await you.

1. About Us
We take pride in delivering our customers the easiest, fastest, and best prices on motel rooms. This web site was developed by our parent company, Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas, a 17-year web site and 20-year Las Vegas company.

2. Do we guarantee our rooms?
Yes, all rooms sold by this web site, HalfPriceMotelRooms.com, are guaranteed to be authentic rooms with a 100% money back guarantee.

3. Can we buy rooms in advance at the 50% off price?
Yes, we offer motel rooms several days in advance. Each motel owner adjusts the number of days into the future they wish to sell their rooms. In many cases we have an exclusive to future sales at 50% off prices.

4. How do I purchase a 50% off rooms?
Buying 50% Off rooms is easy.  We use modern technology to your benefit and eliminate many old fashion ways of room delivery information and wasted paper, thus becoming a green company. At this web site you select the motel you desire, the room type, the number of 50% off rooms you wish to purchase and proceed to the credit card check out form page. Upon completing the credit card purchase form online, a confirmation screen is displayed on your monitor and simultaneously an email confirmation is sent to you, and one to the motel office. They immediately have your purchase information, less your credit card information, that remains in our bank computers only. You can hand write the confirmation code displayed on your monitor or print a copy of the email, proceed to the motel with your picture Identification, a valid credit card and they allow you entry into the room. Nothing could be easier. 

5. How many half price rooms can I buy?
Next to each room offered is the regular price, your price (50% off) and the number of rooms available for that day. We do not set this number, it is the number of rooms the motel owner has determined they wish to sell for that day. You may buy one or the entire number displayed.  If you need more than the number displayed, we suggest you call our offices and we will try to accommodate your needs, 702-242-4482.

6. Are there any hidden fees or surcharges that are not posted?
No hidden fees.  You pay half the regular price for the room, and our small fee for operating this web site of $3 per room. There are NO other costs, fees, mystery numbers, surcharges, facility fee, convenience fee, order processing fees, or hidden expenses.

7. Are the rooms next to each other if we buy multiple rooms?
Usually yes as long as you arrive at the motel many hours prior to Latest Check in Time. The motel will try to accommodate by placing multiple rooms together or apart (what ever the buyer prefers)  providing space in available. Please remember, many motels are sell outs each night, therefore the best chance to obtaining multiple rooms together is to arrive early. 

8. How will the charge be shown on my monthly credit card statement?
All purchases will be shown on your monthly statement from 1stInformation.com, this is the universal web site we use to process all 424 of our websites owned by Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas, which HalfPriceMotelRooms.com is one of these websites.

9. Is it safe to order rooms online using my credit card?
Yes, our web site is 100% safe. ALL credit card transactions are transacted within our credit card companies computers/servers, not our servers. We do not capture, store, retain or even see your credit card information. You will notice each web page that collects any information from you will be a https web page, thus insuring a safe connection.

10. Can I order multiple motel rooms for two or more motels?
Yes, as long as the online displayed inventory motel rooms are available, you can purchase multiple motel rooms all on one transaction, safely and secure, see # 5 and # 9.

11. Will I know what the exact room number I am buying?
No. We do not own or operate the motel check in desk. All rooms sold on this web site are the same rooms they sell for full price. These are all quality rooms. You will probably be staying next to a person that paid full price. We sell rooms by room type (Standard, Deluxe, etc.) and we guarantee you will be located within that type of room  corresponding to the room you purchase.

12.  Can I cancel a room purchase once I have bought rooms online? 
No. HalfPriceMotelRooms.com refund policy does not allow cancellations, refunds, exchanges. Upon you buying a room online, we are obligated to pay the motel owner for the room. That is why we do not have the liberty to refund.

13.  I want to buy rooms for a gift, can I do that on your web site?
Yes. All rooms on this web site can be purchased and given to another person, if they are an adult with a valid credit card. On the secure checkout web page where you supply your credit card information there is a text box you can insert a name if you wish to buy rooms for another person. The gift person must take the unique confirmation code, a valid credit card and their photo ID to the motel to claim their gift rooms just as if they had paid for the rooms. The unique confirmation code can be hand written or a printed copy of the email confirmation, either is acceptable.

14.  I do not have a drivers license, but I have a passport, will that be ok to pick up rooms?
Yes. Any photo ID issued by a country, state, city or governmental body will work to pickup your rooms at the motel. If you do not have a photo ID, we suggest you purchase the rooms as a gift to someone else in your group that has a photo ID and they can claim the rooms at the motel. No photo ID, no rooms, no refund.

15. Do you offer additional discounts for our children's rooms?
No. The motel owners supply us with rooms, but they can be used for children. The price of our 50% off room is for the motel's maximum number of persons occupied before there is a surcharge.  Each motel has a minimum age posted for children to occupy a room.

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